Purpose-Driven Businesses grow twice as fast as their competitors, are 30% more innovative and 40% better at retaining staff.

Our Purpose is to help leaders and their organizations connect with theirs. And in over 20 years of serving this Purpose, we have seen the impact that it makes – to the bottom line, to performance, to the wellbeing of teams as well as, crucially to people and planet.

Our commitment to you is simple.

If we work together, we will show you how to do more good in the world and grow your bottom line, creating a future where you and your people thrive, the communities and environments that you work in thrive, and where you feel lit up by the legacy you are creating.  

Jon Duschinsky

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Anyone who sees Jon in action recognizes his energy and vision; what they don’t always see is the rigor and the intellect behind the performance. Jon has a great empathy for the people and causes that he touches. Above all else, he makes connections –thinking laterally – broadly – drawing on his experience on the global stage and applying it for all our benefit.

Jon inspires you to think bigger. He brings to bear his international experience and global vision to hold up a mirror to your organization and challenge you to take ownership of the change you want to be in the world. With passion, dedication and authenticity, he then commits to ensure you achieve it.

As a mentor, Jon helped provide clarity as the business was pivoting and changing its direction.  Through challenging, emotional and stressful times, he helped me focus on what really mattered in the conversation.  Jon is a committed professional that listens, understands and makes a difference.  He has truly changed my perspective and helped take my leadership to the next level

Jon, we want to personally thank you for your contribution to a successful meeting. Working with you has been such a pleasure. Planning our session was simple and headache-free, and your delivery on-site absolutely hit the mark. Your presentation style is rehearsed, polished, dynamic, engaging, thought-provoking and envelope-pushing

Jon’s techniques and mentorship style have opened up new avenues for me to channel my energy where it belongs. My energy was fading until we discussed some changes that dramatically improved productivity and made me more present at work

Working with Jon was a unique experience for us. It was a journey that helped us articulate our global positioning and value proposition and which provided us, the founders, a new perspective on the opportunities to create much greater impact for our customers. Jon helped us bridge between the international demand for our solutions and the clients with whom we work. Together we created a value proposition that we are using successfully to attract different stakeholders, from global corporates to high net worth individuals as impact investors. We will definitely continue working with Jon on our future endeavours

This work is transformational. I’ve had great mentors before, but this is next level, this is for folks ready to make a grand leap into discovering and activating purpose. I feel incredibly fortunate and know that this work will last me a lifetime

It’s not just the power of the questions, it’s the ability to be able to call bulls**t on the answers. There’s nothing that I could throw at Jon that would phase him – the business acumen, knowledge of metrics and markets means that this program brings huge value to C-suite leaders

The way you have laid out our strategy for the next three years was so dynamic! You made it feel so achievable and so inspiring. This is a strategic plan that will definitely not sit on a shelf – thank you!”