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Transforming COVID Anxiety into Action

We are living in a time of unprecedented uncertainty.

Here in Ontario, where I live, we’ve only been in a state of emergency for 24 hours, but everything has changed.

This week I’ve coached a number of people who have shown up for their sessions with very high levels of anxiety, worry and overwhelm.

They were dropping balls, distracted, unable to do their best work, scared about losing their jobs or homes or revenues.

In my coaching work, I talk about three basic pillars that hold up our lives: what we do, how we do it and why we do it.

If you are like most people, you are absolutely clear what you do and how you do it and are less clear on the why.

The problem today is that COVID has knocked over the two pillars you lean most heavily on. What you do and how you do it has suddenly changed, and the result is a lot of fear and anxiety (sometimes hidden under a good dose of keep calm and carry on, but present nonetheless).

The only pillar that is still standing (your why) is the one you’re least clear on and least connected to.

By helping each of these coaching participants to get clear on, and connect to, their purpose (their “why”), I saw them start to transform.

The anxiety was replaced by the possibility to serve their purpose in a whole new range of exciting ways that simply weren’t conceivable last week.

Participants designed new products in real-time, they conceived of new ways to support their clients, one even worked out how to spice up his relationship – simply by getting clear on their why.

If you’re sitting right now in a place of anxiety or overwhelm, please reach out. 

Let me help you get clear on your purpose so that you can start to unlock some possibility in your own life as we go through these next few chaotic weeks and months. 

Message me or email me – – and just put PURPOSE in the title. I’ll respond within 24 hours and we will set up a time to help you get clear on your purpose.

And because I want you to have this now, the first ten people to respond will get 30 minutes of free coaching.

PS – my purpose is to help others get clear on their’s…, and then unlock new opportunities to make the world a more sustainable and healthy place. By writing this piece, I’m serving my purpose in a whole new and exciting way that I wouldn’t have done last week 🙂